A young adult carer is a person aged 18-25 whose life is in some way restricted because of the need to take care of a sick or disabled relative. Young adult carers undertake a wide range of domestic tasks and responsibilities as well as having to provide nursing care, personal care and emotional support. The effect this can have upon a young person’s life often goes unrecognised by professionals and families alike. Many young adult carers may be disadvantaged in terms of their educational, social and personal development and few have the time or energy to simply have fun. Young adult carers often feel unable to discuss their problems due to loyalty and fear of the consequences. Young adult carers could be in any family. They may be taking responsibility for a parent, grandparent, sibling or any other family member. 

If you have a caring role and are under the age of 18, please contact Barnardo's if living in Flintshire, WCD if living in Denbighshire. 

Request to join the Flintshire Young Adult Carers Facebook group here.

What help is available?

The young adult carer project in Flintshire offers support to 18-25 year olds in a variety of ways:
• Ensuring young adult carers have some opportunity to be free of caring responsibilities
• Ensuring equality of opportunity for young adult carers
• Raising awareness of young adult carers’ issues
• Providing family based support and advocacy
• Acting as a coordinator of services where appropriate
• Providing information to young adult carers and their families
• Providing social and leisure activities
• Providing practical and emotional support

"Thanks in no small part to NEWCIS’ support, I was able to graduate with a degree whilst caring for my mother and younger brother.” Young Adult Carer