*Please read all of the following information prior to referring in as we have recently changed the form*

Please ensure that you complete the form as fully as possible, and include explicit details of the caring role, because without this we cannot accept the referral. Include what tasks/emotional support the young person is providing, how often and how these impact on the young person’s life. Please only inform us of those tasks that are above and beyond what would be generally be expected of a person that age.

Complete one form per child/young person being referred, as the caring role and what they are undertaking will differ even within the same family. Note that we accept referrals for children and young people between the ages of 5-17 within Flintshire who provide support to family members either due to a physical disability, physical ill health, mental health, a learning disability or substance misuse.

Carers OVER 18:

Referrals will need to be made using the NEWCIS referral form

This is because the adult team at NEWCIS will deal with the referral, undertake any assessments needed and provide support. You can find out more about NEWCIS services here.

Once you have been allocated to a worker to complete an assessment please ask them to forward your details to the Young Carer team, if you would like to access the group,  so that we can add you to our contact list.

Examples of caring tasks and responsibilities for you to consider when referring in are:

NEWCIS Young Carers Flintshire Referral Form
Please note that NEWCIS Young Carers Service only covers Flintshire.
For an initial information pack, essential forms, and future correspondence.
For example, environmental risk - access to property, hazards in or around property. Risk to self - safeguarding issues, self-harm, substance misuse. Risk to others - history of verbal or physical aggression, pets at the property.