Young Carers

A young carer is someone who looks after another person. Caring for someone might involve things you do every day like cooking and cleaning or you might have to do much more if your loved one can’t do some things themselves. A young carer might look after someone because they’re unwell, have a disability, a mental health issue or struggle with substance misuse.

Things a young carer might do:

Young Carers ID Card

Our ID Card (in partnership with WCD Young Carers and Action For Children) is recognised across North Wales and is available in a suite of options – card, wristband and app (coming soon)! The card is to help professionals including doctors, teachers and pharmacists to recognise you are a Young Carer which will help them give you the appropriate support you need and deserve.

Contact us to apply for your ID card!

If you live in Denbighshire or Wrexham, WCD Young Carers will be able to help you with your ID Card application. Click here for more information.

WhatsApp Group

Our secondary school Young Carers have decided to create a WhatsApp group for peer support. To be part of the WhatsApp group Young Carers must use their own personal number and not a family members or friends. Our young carers have put rules together for the group – these rules will be available in the group description on WhatsApp and are outlined on the consent form below. There will be several moderators who will monitor the group. Please read and sign the consent form before we can add you to the group.

How can NEWCIS Young Carers help you?

Events and activities

Young Carers will be accessing regular group-based sessions incorporating a wide range of activities. We will keep you informed you of these activities via direct contact, newsletter, and our social media platforms. If there are any activities that Young Carer does not wish to participate in, please make a note of these on the consent form or inform a member of the team. Thank you.


Young Dragons Den

Saturday 23rd October

Do you have an exciting business idea? Pitch it to our panel of professionals to be in with a chance of winning some great prizes!

Wepre Park Walk

Tuesday 26th October

Join the team at Wepre Park for a Scavenger Hunt walk! This is a family event where the cared for is also welcome to come along.


Empowerment & Confidence Being Me

Primary Wednesday 3rd Nov (4pm) & Secondary 10th November (5pm)

'Street Style Surgery' are taking over our Zoom group to offer us a workshop to empower us, and give us the confidence to believe in ourselves!

Street Dance Session

Primary Tuesday 16th (4pm) & Secondary 23rd November (5pm) HFT Building, Queensferry CH5 1SA

Samantha Dene's Dance School will be holding a street dance session for us to discover some new moves!

Carers Rights Day

Thursday 25th November

Carers Rights Day will be taking place on the 25th of November 2021. We will be posting lots about your rights as a Young Carer on social media and on our website, so make sure you tune in!


Christmas Workshops

Primary Tuesday 7th Dec & Secondary 14th December

Let's get in the Christmas spirit! Join us at our Christmas Workshops were we will be doing lots of fun crafts and activities.

Meet the team

“Hi, I’m Amy! I am lucky enough to say that I have been working with young carers since 2018, and have been able to share my love of craft, cake and outings with children and young people! Outside of work, life is spent exploring new places, and visiting family and friends.”

“Hi, I’m Katie! I’m here to make sure you’re getting on okay with your caring role, so please give me a shout if you need some help or want to chat! Outside of work, I like eating ALL of the chocolate and going on muddy dog walks.”

“Hi I’m Alice! I am here to support and help our Young Carers Team and you in your caring role.  When not in work I enjoy walking, running and Pilates.”
“Hi my name is Kel and I am very excited to be back working with Young Carers again! I am here, like the rest of the team, to offer help and support to you as a Young Carer. In my spare time I love crafting, reading  and generally making a mess along with walking my dog Ben!”

“Hi I’m Hayley! I’m the activity coordinator, I’m here to plan lots of fun activities and group sessions for you all! In my spare time I love being creative making various things and going on family days out.”

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