You don’t need to be a carer to volunteer with us and we offer flexible and voluntary work in a variety of roles and locations. You would be joining a friendly and welcoming team and would be valued and fully supported in your role – training can be offered to enhance your volunteering role.

Benefits of volunteering

Increases confidence & self confidence

Provides a sense of purpose

Eases isolation and make new friends

Gain new skills and experiences

Enhances your CV for future employment

Ask us about Tempo Time Credits!

Volunteers can earn Tempo Time Credits as part of a reward and recognition scheme for the invaluable work they do within their communities.

These Credits can be exchanged for a range of services and activities provided by local and national Recognition Partners. 

Tempo Time Credits exists to develop a world in which, through the inclusivity of more individuals and diverse groups of people volunteering, communities can create an environment where paid and voluntary work are treated with equal respect.

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Volunteer specifications

Example volunteer roles

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"The day NEWCIS came to see me changed my world. I now volunteer for NEWCIS and I love it!"