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Helping You Stay Connected

Tech tips to help you stay connected during lockdown.

Helping You Stay Connected

Staying connected during an otherwise very isolating time is vital for your wellbeing. 

You can use the internet to:

  • Research useful organisations, such as NEWCIS, for support
  • Use social media to connect with friends and family
  • Watch films, videos and listen to music
  • Keep fit by joining online classes
  • Learn a new skill by joining courses or webinars

Easy ways you can stay connected include:

  • Video calling friends and family
  • Sending a simple 'hello' or 'hope you're well' text message
  • Doing quiz nights / group video calls on Zoom
  • Using social media to stay updated and connected with friends
  • Celebrating occasions - virtual birthday parties are all the range nowadays!

Follow these simple ‘Tech Tips’ to help you master the basics. Don’t forget to share this page with your less digital savvy family members and friends!

Mastering the basics

BT Skills For Tomorrow provide a range of free online courses and videos for mastering the basics of tech including: 

Click on the icons to take you to the courses!

How to use WhatsApp

Tech Tips for home schooling

How to download podcasts

How to use Zoom

Learn how to get started using Zoom.

How to use Facebook

How to use Skype

Learn how to get started with Skype here.

Digital Communities Wales

Digital Communities Wales are supporting people to use technology during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

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