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Online Meditation Sessions

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Online Meditation Sessions

Explore meditation and Ayurvedic knowledge to support your wellbeing. Jadine from Jade Tree Healing will lead you through a guided meditation whilst facilitating yogic breath work to help you connect to mindfulness. Develop a connection between yourself and your body’s natural intelligence. Learn to bring awareness to the messages your body is sending you and understanding them from a whole perspective.

You have the power to relax your mind and bring peace into your life. Choose to invest in yourself. Learn yogic breathing techniques, the power of Mudras and explore Eastern practises to support your wellbeing.

Meditation has proven beneficial for our health and well-being as it can reduce stresses and anxieties, promote emotional health, bring about self- awareness, decrease blood pressure, improves sleep and so on.


Gratitude Meditation

Body Scan

Chakra Meditation

Flow of Your Breath

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