Glyn Jelley runs London Marathon for NEWCIS

Glyn Jelley runs London Marathon for NEWCIS

Glyn Jelley

"I’m the Managing Director of Summit Chartered Accountants and Jellyfish Payroll and a trustee for NEWCIS. I was keen to get involved with NEWCIS due to the fantastic work the charity does, the brilliant team they have, and the way they are proactively looking for ways to move forward, improve and adapt, to provide fantastic carer support. When the opportunity came up to raise to money for the charity, I was delighted to get involved."

"I’ve been struggling to fit in any consistent training in yet, but squeezing in a couple of small runs in the week. (only 3-5km around work time). I’m hoping to be able to start fitting in some slightly longer runs at weekends as time passes by to ensure I cross that finish line."
Training Update | June
"It’s been a bit of a juggling act between, work, life and child care, but my intention is to start running the cycle paths with my girls on their bikes to be able to fit in some longer runs. I am managing 1 or 2 runs per week on lunch breaks, and looking to incorporate some longer runs into my weekends. Fingers crossed the weather is kind on the day as we run along the sea front!"
Training Update | August
A HUGE well done to Glyn who ran the London Marathon in an amazing time of 3hr57 despite injury and the weather! "I didn't get chance to train, had a cold all week and the thought of running 42.2km up and down Prestatyn sea front made for a bad mindset going in to it. The headwind was absolutely awful, and then, from km 26, I got awful cramp that I couldn't shake off. I had the support of great people (thanks Sarah for carrying my water) and having my girls cycle the last few km made all the difference. I hobbled over the line in 3hr57. Many of us have lots of adversity and challenges behind closed doors, but completing a challenge through adversity really makes you feel like you can take on anything. This must apply more than ever to unpaid carers dedicating their lives to caring for family members with disabilities, old age and dementia. Challenge yourself."
Marathon Update | 3rd October 2021

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