Caring Behind Closed Doors Report by Carers UK

Forgotten families in the coronavirus outbreak.

Caring Behind Closed Doors Report by Carers UK

The report by Carers UK shows the impact the coronavirus outbreak has had on carers, and is based on a survey of 5,000 carers and former carers. 

The findings show that carers are providing more care as well as spending more money than usual, on top of worrying about what might happen to the person they care for if they get ill. Issues such as difficulties accessing food and medicine, the impact of local services closing and not feeling their role is recognised were also key challenges for carers.

The report briefly reflects on how local areas are trying to respond to support carers in different ways. 

The findings will be used to ensure carers are provided with the information they need, as well as to ensure carers’ voices are listened to in Government decision making. In particular, Carers UK are calling on the government to provide financial support for carers by raising Carer’s Allowance and to better recognise and value the role of carers in the crisis. 


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