'Pushed to the edge: Life for unpaid carers'

Report by Carers Trust

‘Pushed to the edge: Life for unpaid carers’

“This report draws on the experiences and expertise of these unpaid carers. It helps give voice to unpaid carers who too often are neither seen nor heard by those with the ability to improve their lives and the lives of the people they care for. Throughout the report there are direct quotes from unpaid carers, which make for powerful reading.

Unpaid carers need strong leadership from government to ensure a transformational change to their support and circumstances. And they need it urgently. Such change is not unrealistic. Since the pandemic started, we have seen – when needed – that governments can deliver transformational change at pace. The furlough scheme and a mass vaccination programme are examples of this. We now need this level of urgency, pace and innovation to be applied to meeting the needs of unpaid carers.”

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