Careers Week 2021

National Careers Week is a celebration of careers guidance and resources in education across the UK

Careers Week 2021

March 1st - 6th

National Careers Week (NCW) is supported by experienced professionals in the world of education, business and careers guidance enabling people to make well-informed decisions on their future prospects.  

NEWCIS C.O.P.E Project

The C.O.P.E Project (Carer Opportunities & Participation in Employment) is to support unpaid carers to access employment, education, training or volunteering opportunities. The project can also support carers who currently work. 

Adult Learning Conference

Watch the Adult Learning Conference, A wellbeing society: the role of adult learning in post pandemic Wales.

All Wales Virtual Careers Fair

A chance to meet leading employers, associations and universities across Wales. During the fair, you will be able to build your professional network and put your questions to recruiters, improve your CV writing skills and get top tips on interviews, discover what it really takes to make an application stand out and lots more.

Monday 1st March 10am – 3pm

Carers UK Learning for Living

Caring for a loved one, family member or friend means you will have developed a whole range of skills. This e-learning programme will help you realise just how talented you are! 

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