Award-Winning Volunteer Telephone Befriending Service

Award-Winning Volunteer Telephone Befriending Service 

Our KIT (Keep in Touch) Volunteer Telephone Befriending service has won the DVSC Denbighshire Volunteer Award for Community Support.  

Tracy Stockin (NEWCIS), Michael Langford (NEWCIS DCEO), Ruth Johnson (DVSC Volunteering & Engagement Officer) and Tom Barham (DVSC Chief Officer). 

Initially our KIT service was started to provide companionship to carers that are feeling lonely and/or isolated as a result of COVID 19 pandemic. This volunteer service enables carers who are finding it harder to adjust to be able to continue receiving a KIT ‘Keeping in Touch’ call from a trained volunteer. 

What calls are likely to include: 

-General stimulating conversation, listening, providing companionship, reminiscing, hobbies.

-Signposting the carer to contact NEWCIS for a wellbeing officer to provide more direct support/help and advice. 

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