Bowel Cancer Awareness

Bowel Cancer Awareness

April in Bowel Cancer awarness month. Bowel cancer is currently the fourth most common cancer in the UK and the second biggest cancer killer. More than 43’000 people in the UK are diagnosed with bowel cancer each year, and approximately 16’500 people die annually from the disease.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way, as bowel cancer is treatable and curable, especially when caught early. 

Learn more by joining a bowel cancer awareness talk by Bowel Cancer UK at

During the talk you will learn important information about bowel cancer, including:

> prevalence of bowel cancer – learn that it’s a more common cancer than people think

> signs and symptoms – learn about the five most common symptoms

> risk factors – discover what increases your risk

> bowel cancer screening – learn about the NHS bowel screening programme and the importance of taking part.

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