You are a carer, you have joined the 6.5 million army of carers in the UK. So, what next?

Complete a Carers Registration Form

This means you can access all NEWCIS services and receive a copy of the quarterly carers newsletter packed full of upcoming events, activities and courses, useful information and a great way of keeping up to date.

Please ensure you have the carers permission before completing the form.

Tell Someone

This could be another family member, a friend or neighbour. The understanding and support from people close to you is important.

Speak to a Duty Officer at NEWCIS

Either over the phone or by email. Here we can provide information, support and a range of services to support your caring role. You can make an appointment to meet at a convenient time either in your own home or at our office. This time is taken to give you an opportunity as a carer to talk about your role and own needs. Information on various services is offered and a NEWCIS Wellbeing Assessment can be completed.

Get a Benefits Check

Check you are receiving the correct benefits with a benefits check. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau can do this.

Condition Specific Support

Contact organisations who provide specific condition support for the person you care for. Visit information source DEWIS, take a look at our list of useful organisations or speak to the Duty Officer at NEWCIS.

Tell Your GP

NEWCIS can inform your GP of your caring role, once registered a form will be sent to you asking if you would like NEWCIS to tell your GP of your caring role. Carers are entitled to support from your GP including a free flu vaccination, registering can also be used to share information in an emergency with the person being cared for. Your GP may offer carer health checks or flexible appointments due to your caring role. It is important you speak with your GP as they can help you to access services.

Plan For an Emergency

Carers Emergency Card

This free of charge card gives you peace of mind when out should something happen to you. The emergency personnel know to look for these cards and ring the contact number if you are taken unwell or have an accident. The person you care for will be looked after until you recover.


It is important you take the time to do some planning in case of an emergency, this could be having a bag packed if you have unexpected hospital admissions, a list of contact numbers in an easy to reach place, a message in a bottle (NEWCIS can help with this), if the person you care for is routine orientated perhaps have an example routine printed or written out. You know what would help if you were unable to care for your loved one unexpectedly.

Respite in an emergency

Regular respite may be an option that suits you. However in an emergency it can be a lifeline. Read up on the different sorts of respite so you know what options are available should an emergency occur.