Carer Ventures Limited (CVL) is NEWCIS’ social enterprise. CVL operates the NEWCIS charity shops and is investigating further opportunities for a social enterprise. Our flagship charity shop based in Buckley opened in November 2016. Since then two more shops have opened: Mold in 2018 and more recently the Wrexham shop opened in 2019.

At the heart of CVL are NEWCIS volunteers.  Volunteers ensure CVL works to its full potential and whilst raising funds also raises awareness of carers and plays a key role in identifying hidden carers. Volunteering for CVL provides an opportunity to gain work-based experience both within the shop, collecting donations and behind the scenes. Friendship and comradery between volunteers and staff facilities an environment where people can go to not just volunteer but to enjoy themselves as well.

"100% of the profits supports NEWCIS and its aims and objectives"

Carer Ventures Ltd (company number 10638466) is a trading company which manages NEWCIS shops and will pass any profits to the charity NEWCIS.