Here at NEWCIS we are very aware that we are one of thousands of worthwhile organisations who depend on donations to fund their work

Being a carer can mean being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Leaving little time for a social life, making maintaining employment or keeping up with education difficult. 

Many carers face financial hardship and severe social isolation. Yet, we find that most carers want to continue providing care. They are not looking for a way out or to pass their responsibilities on to someone else. 

They often want to be listened to and heard, to know they are not alone, have someone to turn to for information, to have the occasional day or few hours off or just simply be themselves.

This is where you can help. Donations make a world of difference to NEWCIS and enable us to offer a bespoke a responsive service. Providing support where it is needed and complimenting existing services. We aim to not only support them as carers but to provide them with opportunities to live the sort of lifestyle that we would all wish for ourselves.

You may wish to support us although finances are tight. Donations make a world of difference to NEWCIS but there are other ways you can help to make our money go further

Your time is valuable, why not volunteer?

Here at NEWCIS we have various volunteering roles, without which the service could not run. If you have any spare time why not take a look at the volunteer page and find out all the different ways you can get involved.

Send us your feedback

Have you received a service from NEWCIS? Why not send us your feedback? This feedback is so important and is also a great resource when it comes to applying for funding and evaluating the service. Send any feedback to or complete for form on the contact page.

Organise a fundraising event

This is your chance to get creative, feel great and have fun with team NEWCIS!

Carers not only manage their own life but also have the responsibility of someone else’s life, this makes them everyday superheroes. Why not be a superhero today and let loose the carer in you! 

Not sure where to start with your superhero challenge of fundraising for NEWCIS? We’ve got your back, get in touch with our fundraiser.

Donate to our charity shops

Why not de-clutter or have a spring clean? The NEWCIS charity shops are always looking for good quality goods to sell. You could ask around friends and family and have a big de-clutter? Take a look at the charity shop page at what goods we can accept and if a collection could be arranged.


Communicate with us

If you receive the NEWCIS newsletter are you happy to receive it by email rather than post? If so, let us know! This helps NEWCIS on both time and money. Remember the newsletter can always be downloaded from the website.

We appreciate how unpredictable and stressful caring can be. If you have booked one of our events, training courses, appointments or activities and are now unable to attend for whatever reason, please let us know as soon as possible. This can be done by phone call (answering machine out of hours), text message, email or social media. If you have cancelled your activity or appointment we can offer that place to another carer or adjust numbers accordingly.

If your caring role changes, you move house or don’t require our services any longer, then let us know so we can remove your details from our database. This will also stop unnecessary postage.

"We value every penny given to us and work on the basis that our donors trust us to spend it effectively. We pride ourselves on being approachable and you can ask us for information about how we spend our money at any time."
Claire Sullivan
Chief Executive Officer, NEWCIS