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Stephen Scorer Carers Words

"To put it simply, a carer is still human."

Stephen Scorer Carers Words

Why We Care

 Caring for the ill and unwell

Whilst trying to remain connected.

Not in it for the monetary gains

Or for gaining pleasure from those affected.

We feed them and nourish them

Make them feel stronger.

We clean them and brush them

So they look smarter.

Worrying sometimes when we are apart

So why do we do this, doesn’t anyone else care

We will not stop caring for those we hold so dear.

"We will not stop caring for those we hold so dear."
Stephen Scorer

Mothers Colours

The blank pages of my atlas

Colours flowing onto a canvas.

Safe and sound on life’s easel

Brushstrokes form beautiful people.

Painted faces full of rich emotions

Forever changing, just like the oceans.

A life full of fantastical colours

Love taken from our wonderful mothers.

The Character of a Carer

The character of a carer sometimes feels like a stretched elastic band, stretching to the point that eventually it may well snap. Openly strained to that limit, but no matter what is pulling on their elasticated caring, they are always there to help, no matter what confronts them in their life of loving hell.

Those eyes of steely blue, grey, green or brown see life being turned upside down, the feeling that they are in a silent black and white film, similar to ones like that of a calamity-filled Laurel and Hardy scene. Seeing struggles from those we care for can simply flip a scene to one full of those bright lights and wondrous colours from an old age glamour film on the golden screen.

Their mouths form and offer those calming words when the nasty and confusion sets in, in their care for worlds. Lips of pink rose and red are never tight but instead, they calmly whisper loving sounds that help to turn the situation around, those loving words are never lost, even long after they are gone and in the ground.

Backs are strong they are made to take the weight; this world can be an ugly heavy place. Ears that listen on inventively to the problematic pains and sometimes the profanity, being ignored will never happen and they are always open that is a certainty.

Strong legs that do all the running about, standing strong and solid when the weather turns for the worst, in this caring world. Moving fast when they hear those calls for help and kneeling in time of solace and prayer, they will do so with no regret or fear.

To put it simply, a Carer is still human, a person who loves and looks after the many needs of the ones that are not so fortunate in this stormy world and they do this no matter what stands before them, no matter how severe. They can be often overlooked when their needs sometimes come calling, but nonetheless, they are on call when those tough times do fall at their feet. They stand strong with open arms, connecting themselves to those who we care for in beautiful loving words.

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