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NEWCIS Dementia Services

We caught up with Luke Pickering-Jones, NEWCIS Dementia Services Project Manager.

NEWCIS Dementia Services

We caught up with Luke Pickering-Jones, NEWCIS Dementia Services Project Manager to get an insight into his role at NEWCIS.

A brief description of your role at NEWCIS

I am the Dementia Services Project Manager within Flintshire and this role involves creating opportunities and services for people living with dementia and their carers can access. With an overall aim of making everything within Flintshire dementia friendly such as businesses, transport, recreation etc. We do this by improving awareness, access to events and social gatherings, Dementia Friendly Business awards and so much more.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

My typical day involves working with a wide variety of people from business owners, local community members, health and social care professional and anyone that can offer opportunities to improve the lives of people living with dementia and carers. I spend a lot of time planning and bringing together the wide variety of people to build new and innovative opportunities. Other aspects of my day includes supporting and managing the developments in the community. My day can be extremely varied from finding support, filling identified gaps with new opportunities, writing minutes and reports. The project is responsive to the needs of people living with dementia and carers, and looks to action those needs every day.

How can you support carers who care for someone with dementia?

The project support carers of a person living with dementia through lots of different ways such as access to community social gatherings and events, training, awareness, creating dementia friendly businesses. If carers have any specific needs the project looks at providing the need or directing the carer to other partners that can. Carers can call NEWCIS and speak to myself or Yvette.

What social activities/groups are there that I can attend with my cared for who has dementia?

This is a snap shot of what carers and people living with dementia can access within Flintshire:

  • 8 Memory Cafes and 3 dementia inclusive Coffee Mornings
  • Dementia Friendly Cinema Screenings and performances
  • Dementia Friendly Sporting events and competitions
  • Yearly Memory Café Ball
  • Intergenerational events and activities with a variety of schools
  • Dementia friendly Church services

The project aims to make all existing social activities and groups dementia friendly so those that develop dementia can continue to attend activities and groups they did before they developed dementia.

Do you know someone living with Dementia / caring for someone living with Dementia?

Would they benefit from additional support? Information and support is available to help with activities, behaviours, coping with anxiety and frustration through NEWCIS dementia support services. Contact NEWCIS and speak to Luke on 01352 752525.

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