NEWCIS and Gift Aid

Gift aid when donating to NEWCIS.

NEWCIS and Gift Aid

When making a donation to NEWCIS you can increase your donation by 25% if you are a UK tax payer at no extra cost to yourself. Once you have made a gift aid declaration NEWCIS can reclaim the tax from HMRC.

So if you donate £100 and are a tax payer you can increase your donation to NEWCIS to £125.

If you are making a cash donation you can complete a gift aid declaration at one of the NEWCIS offices or online.

Donating goods?

Why not take a look at the Retail Gift Aid and increase the amount raised from the sale of your goods.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about Gift Aid visit HMRC or contact NEWCIS by email or ring 01352 752525.

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