The Memory Cafés are a social gathering where people with memory loss and their carers can come together in a safe supportive environment. Guests can share conversation over a cup of tea in a relaxed atmosphere that sometimes includes music, art or other forms of entertainment. 
We recommend you contact the county office prior to your journey to ensure the group is still meeting at the venue. NEWCIS and Dementia Friendly groups organises events throughout the year to inform people living with dementia and carers such as cinema screenings, Crown green bowls and much more.

Mix and Mingle Memory Café 


Daniel Owen Centre, Earl Road, Mold, CH7 1AP

Contact: Dawn Jones, 07770953985 

Clocktower Memory Café 


The Clocktower, Coast Road, Mostyn, CH8 9DZ

Contact: Helen Hughes, 07785118594 

Buckley Memory Café 


Horse and Jockey Pub, 66 Church Road, Buckley, CH7 1JQ

Or, where stated in calendar:

Bistre Church Hall, Mold Road, Buckley, CH7 2NH

Contact: Rebecca Fitzpatrick, 07740280130 

Sealand Memory Café 


St Andrews Hub, Garden City, Deeside, CH5 2HN

Contact: Christine Jones, 07900283283

Saltney Memory Café 


Douglas Place, Saltney, Chester, CH4 8PB

Contact: Veronica Gay, 07790751690 

Monday Mix Memory Café 


St Marys and St Davids Church, Church Street, Flint, CH6 5BD

Contact: Rose Marie Dennan, 01352 349130

Connahs Quay Memory Café 


Libby’s Café Cable Street, Off Tuscan Way, Connahs Quay, CH5 4DZ

Contact: Rose Boswell, 07850018462

Artisans Memory Café 


Artisan, High Street, Holywell, CH8 7AA

Contact: Helen Hughes, 07785118594

Northop Memory Café 


Down Memory Lane, Edith Banks Memorial Hall, High Street, Northop, CH7 6BQ

Contact: Nicola, 07765093203 

Deep in Deeside


The Plough Inn, Aston Road, Aston, CH5 1TJ

Contact: Teresa Davies, [email protected] 

Kathleen and May Memory Cafés


Kathleen and May Heritage Centre, Dock Road, CH5 4DS

Contact: Celia Drew, 07778659648

Please note: If you are attending and require personal care, please ensure your carer or family member attends with you. (The Memory Cafés do not provide any personal care)