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Keith's Story

"Volunteering has really changed my life!"

Keith’s Story

“I worked in the car industry for a number of years. Two years ago I gave up my job to care for my wife. I felt that I needed to get involved with something so I decided to volunteer with NEWCIS as it needed to be flexible to fit with my caring role. 

I have become a Talking Point volunteer in community settings in Denbighshire. I love it as I get the opportunity to meet new people, share information about NEWCIS and learn from other staff there. I get full support from NEWCIS staff.

I have taken on opportunities for training including food safety, first aid and digital training. I enjoy learning new skills and sharing them with others. Volunteering has really changed my life – I am more confident and understanding of my role as a carer and it gives me a feeling of making a difference to others lives.

As a result of volunteering at NEWCIS I am now in the process of volunteering to become a first responder in the community. I didn’t think I would enjoy volunteering as it was new to me (as was caring) but thanks to NEWCIS I have been supported every step of the way.”

"Volunteering has really changed my life!"
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