Wellbeing and GP Facilitator North Denbighshire

"I am a Wellbeing/GP Facilitator for North Denbighshire and have worked for NEWCIS since 2010.  In my role as GP facilitator I attend Hospital MDT meetings and visit local GP surgeries across North Denbighshire to identify hidden carers. I also run Prestatyn carers group, carry out NEWCIS Wellbeing assessments and facilitate various wellbeing events."

Gundega Overthrow

GP & Young Adult Carer Facilitator Flintshire

"I work with Young Adult Carers to help bridge the gap between children & adult services. I also work with G.P. Practices and pharmacies in Flintshire providing information on services for carers and raising awareness of carers issues."

Carole Perry

Wellbeing Officer GP

Rebecca Stevenson

Wellbeing Officer and GP Facilitator 

Angela Stoner

SPOA Wellbeing Officer

Annie Birkett

COPE Facilitator

Maxine Bithell