Amy & friends

Myself, some friends and colleagues of mine are undertaking the 3-peak challenge this June with the goal to complete it in under 24 hours. Being a nurse I come into contact with many carers who do such a fantastic job of looking after their loved ones. But such a role can be physically and emotionally exhausting. It would be great to provide a respite break for the carers, so that they can have some time for themselves to relax.


Every day through my job as a nurse, I meet fantastic carers who do such an amazing selfless job caring for their loved ones. I am doing this challenge to raise money for them to have a respite break & have a little time for themselves. I have always wanted to do the 3 peaks challenge. I know it will be hard but thinking of the wonderful carers (& all the chocolate I’ll need to keep me going) will make it all worthwhile. 



I’m undertaking the 3 peaks challenge as I love being outdoors and walking (usually with my dogs). I want to challenge myself and raise money at the same time for an amazing charity.



I really like a challenge. So, what is better than challenge yourself for a good charity! Let´s hope this Dutchie can complete the three peaks of Great Britain.



Since completing the Welsh 3 Peaks challenge a few years ago to raise awareness and money for Muscular Dystrophy, I have been looking for a good group and worthy cause to tackle the national. My grandparents are currently being cared for and I have utmost respect and gratitude for all who see to the well-being of others. The services & support provided by NEWCIS are essential in creating a foundation to maintain the caring role. I can’t wait to get started and see that first sunrise!!



I have been nursing from the age of 18, and over the last 42 years i have witnessed the challenges faced by families trying to care and support loved ones. This has given me the drive and determination to train for and complete the 3 peaks challenge.



I'm undertaking the 3 peaks as a personal challenge for myself- It's good to push yourself from time to time. Secondly it means that we can also help other people in the process. Raising money for a good charity! Win win really.



I’m doing this challenge to help raise money for a cause close to my heart. I’m nervous about the challenge ahead but looking forward to getting through it with the team 😀😀



I am taking on the 3 peaks because I have never been afraid of a good challenge and this is going to be up there with one of the toughest! What makes the challenge even better is that we are walking for such a fantastic cause - having worked as a carer for the local authority for many years whilst at university, I can think of no worthier cause than helping those who care to have a break. Bring on the 3 peaks!



These incredible people support family members every day. Often sacrificing their own lives and social time in order to care for those with disabilities, addiction, mental illness, terminal illness and long-term health needs. By sponsoring me today you can help to raise funds and continue to give to these people the support they so deserve.


I'm not quite sure why i'm doing the 3 peaks........: bonkers springs to mind 🤗🤪



I'm raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust because the lad I teaches has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I'll be joining the team to offer support for them raising funds for carers. Since I've come up to (and now passed) 30 I want to do loads of physical challenges. Maybe it's an early midlife crisis 😅 I've wanted to do three peaks for years. Also motivated by raising money for a charity obviously. Teenage cancer trust is because of a lad I teach who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.


Raising £2,550 will provide 17 carers with a break.

Amy & friends