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C.O.P.E Week

The NEWCIS COPE project helps support unpaid carers to access Education Training , Employment and Volunteering Opportunities.

C.O.P.E Week

The C.O.P.E Project (Carer Opportunities & Participation in Employment) is to support unpaid carers to access employment, education, training or volunteering opportunities. The project can also support carers who currently work. Each day this week, NEWCIS C.O.P.E Facilitators Maxine and Kelly, will be telling you about the project and providing information about online courses and partnership agencies who can support you on your journey. 

Contact our C.O.P.E Facilitators:

Monday 22nd June

Take a look at our C.O.P.E. handbook for information about how the project supports carer’s to access training courses, hobbies, education, volunteering and/or employment. 

Tuesday 23rd June

Thinking of taking the plunge into Higher Education? We've compiled a list of some current online courses to get you started.

Glyndwr University have a virtual open day on the 24th June between 3pm – 6pm so book a slot and go and see what’s going on!

Wednesday 24th June

Today we'll be focusing on the 'Carer CV'. Think you've got nothing to offer a volunteering role or potential employer because “I’m just a carer"? We unpick a caring role and look at the personal qualities and transferable skills needed to be an unpaid carer.

Thursday 25th June

Interested in online learning opportunities?  From courses in Confidence Building to brushing up on I.T. skills, there may be something for you here!

Friday 26th June

Meet Kelly (Flintshire C.O.P.E.) and Maxine (Wrexham C.O.P.E.) in a virtual C.O.P.E. Q&A Zoom session!

No appointment needed, just ‘drop in’ between 2pm - 3pm. Email us and we'll send you the Zoom link.

NEWCIS Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering with NEWCIS is a great way to help deliver services to carers in North East Wales. There are flexible and varied roles and you would be joining a friendly and welcoming team and would be valued and fully supported in your role!

Interested in anything you've seen on this page?

Contact our C.O.P.E Facilitators and they'll support you in accessing the opportunities.

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