NEWCIS' COPE (Carers Opportunity and Participation in Employment) Facilitator based in Flintshire helps to assist carers with employment/or lifelong learning, volunteering opportunities and community-based activity.

The COPE Facilitator works with carers and their communities on carer friendly initiatives that matter to the community, this may include carer training, practical advice, and support, signposting as required and ensure the carer is best placed to explore interests and opportunities.

The aim of the COPE Facilitator is to raise the profile of carers in the community, in local businesses and local leisure and travel facilities, etc.


  • To identify carers who would like to explore opportunities that they feel will examine their wellbeing and ensure they are aware of the support available in Flintshire.
  • To work with carers to develop carer friendly initiatives, letting carers take the lead in their communities and create projects that matter to them.
  • Cascade important legislation that are affecting carers to all.
  • Develop working partnerships with relevant agencies to promote and support carers.
  • Any carer friendly initiative should be developed productively with carers in Flintshire as equal partners.