Being a carer can be hard work and you might need to take a break sometimes. Your carers assessment may identify that you need a break from caring from time to time.

What is a 'carers assessment'?

Your health and wellbeing

Carer breaks are so you can look after your own health and wellbeing. For example, it may be that you need regular replacement overnight care so you can catch up on your sleep. Through NEWCIS carers can access short breaks; the Lottery Wellbeing Project offer breaks of up to three nights at Llys Awelon in Ruthin - here you can stay in an apartment with access to the onsite facilities. NEWCIS also facilitates two night stays in local hotel and leisure facilities, these breaks are run throughout the year across North Wales.   

If you are interested in accessing a break please contact us for more information.



Llys Awelon