Thank you for completing the annual carer questionnaire again this year, we really appreciate your views and comments and have compiled a few answers to some common questions and feedback.

NEWCIS now has over 13,000 carers using the service. It is fantastic that we hear from so many of you regularly. There are many ways that we communicate with you to ensure we reach you at least on a quarterly basis. One way we do this is via this quarterly newsletter, NEWCIS News, which includes all our events, training and carer groups. If you do not receive this and would like to, please contact us or register online. Our social media pages are a great way to hear about what we are up to, the latest news and event information; follow us @NEWCISCC. We also have a Wellbeing Officer on duty to answer your queries and have a chat every day. Please do not feel alone and do get in touch if you wish to speak to us.

We are very pleased to say that Wrexham now has a carers centre in the center of town. Located within our charity shop, this hub is an ideal place for carers to drop in for information and support. Thank you to everyone for your patience over the last few months whilst we sought a more permanent solution to our office base, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Some carers have asked us if the people they care for can come to our drop in. We are currently looking at the possibility of trialing one drop in a month where carers can bring along their loved ones. We always want to make the service as accessible as possible and look to meet as many needs as we can.

We intend to be protective of carers respite time but also don’t wish to isolate carers who are more limited with care options. We offer a range of groups at different times and locations and where possible we invite the person you care for to attend. We offer a home visit service where we can discuss your caring role, if you need an evening appointment please let us know. We know many carers are fiercely independent and do not like to ask for help, but please do remember we are here if you need us and make use of the service to enable you to continue to be independent.

NEWCIS funding is dependent on a number of grants and contracts that we hold in all three counties and of course our fundraising. The services can be slighlty different in each area due to the criteria set by funders for the grants, but we do try to achieve similar activities and events during the year in all areas. If there is a course or an activity being held in a different county that you would like to attend, we can usually accommodate you if you are able to get to the venue. If this is not possible, please give us a call and let us know what courses you would like to see in your area and we will build that into our planning over the next few months.

NEWCIS would like to thank all carers who have taken the time to complete the questionnaires and to all the volunteers who assist us with the service. All carers circumstances are different and we appreciate the feedback from the questionnaires which helps us to develop the services. We also wish to thank everyone who has donated goods to the charity shops or items of crafts for the crafters and everyone who has given a donation or any support to the service.

Best Wishes, Claire Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer.

Did you know...?

  • 89% of carers told us that NEWCIS provided you with a contact point for future
  • 41% of carers told us that if you register as a carer with your GP, you felt more supported in your role
  • 54% of carers told us they they accessed health services less as a result of working with us
  • 51% of carers told us that the support you received from NEWCIS helped you maintain your caring role and resulted in less contact with social services
  • 75% of carers told us that NEWCIS enabled them to have a better quality in life
  • 88% of carers rated the service excellent or good
  • Carers told us we had helped with education, employment, volunteering, finances, physical and mental health
  • Carers told us that being involved with NEWCIS reduced their feelings of isolation and improved your sense of belonging
  • Carers told us that NEWCIS treated you with respect
  • Last year NEWCIS provided a service to 12,500 carers
  • 173 carers volunteered with us
  • We took 4,500 new referrals last year
  • We assisted carers during hospital discharge
  • Through our lottery project we worked with 1503 carers last year
  • Our lottery partners at Citizens Advice Bureau supported 224 carers to access £253,510 of benefits
  • Our lottery partners at Citizens Advice Bureau also reduced or cleared debts of £254,700 for carers
  • Our lottery partners in Advocacy provided support to 110 carers
  • NEWCIS supported 119 carers whilst facing a crisis situation and in need of immediate support