Dru Yoga is based upon soft flowing movements, and is a potent means of stress relief. It works on the body & the mind, strengthening core stability, improving balance  and building a heightened feeling of positivity & empowerment. 

Each session consists of activations, an energy block release sequence & deep relaxation. The activations free tension in the body & relieve tiredness. The sequences are easy & pleasant to do and yet have incredibly potent effects on our health at every level, helping to dissolve physical, emotional & mental blockages.

The guided relaxation is a very important part of any yoga session. An opportunity to rest in stillness, and leaving you feeling refreshed, with new energy to move into the rest of your day. 

If you’ve never done yoga before, come and give it a go! Suitable for all ages & abilities. 

No need to book - just turn up!

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