In the last 12 months NEWCIS has supported 30 carers who were facing extremely difficult situations to remain caring from the Crisis Fund. The support provided can be anything from providing essential pieces of equipment that helps the carer with their role, such as cookers, washing machines and dryers, when old machines breakdown some carers cannot afford to replace them. Without these essential items the caring role can be extremely difficult to manage.

"Imagine washing soiled bedding & clothing in a bath tub 3,4 or more times a day."

We have provided food and payment towards utility bills who have lost their jobs due to their caring role or had a change in circumstance causing extreme financial hardship for the carer and their family. 

Clothes were provided to one young adult carer who had no coat, warm clothes or shoes. This young person was working part time, taking her younger brother to school, shopping, cleaning and caring for mum with a severe disability.

The Carers Crisis Fund enables NEWCIS staff to act very quickly especially during a crisis situation to take pressure from people immediately, while resolutions are sought. Our ability to do this is often crucial and can be a lifeline to carers who face difficult circumstances.

 "However, this vital support comes at a cost, can you help?"