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Light up NEWCIS! Make the Carers Centre more energy efficient with LED Lighting. Money saved will continue to support local unpaid carers.

NEWCIS Carers Centre is a multi-purpose building supporting unpaid carers across North East Wales. We currently have over 11,000 registered family carers. NEWCIS supports carers in many ways including a quarterly newsletter, respite, training, advocacy, benefits advice, information, support and counselling, to name but a few.

Lighting up NEWCIS is to replace the current inefficient, dated and broken lighting within the Carers Centre with energy efficient LED lights throughout the building. This will provide an updated and welcoming area for carers to access training, craft workshops, art groups, counselling, drop in, volunteer work and other Centre activities. In addition to reducing the Centres Carbon Footprint, it will help us to minimise energy costs as close to zero as possible.

To vote please visit https://www.mandsenergyfund.com/projects/newcis